wagon construction despite rough cold

"We take turns. One year the premich association sets up a wagon, the other year we do it", woman kirchner. The team of helpers makes sure that the theme of the wagon is a current one. Events of the market town are taken on the grain. And this year? "We have taken up the most topical issue in the market community with our trolley," says schmitt, says klaus kirchner with a smile. Elmar schmitt, chairman of the burkardroth firefighters’ association, adds that this year around six people are helping to build the carnival float, and a total of around 30 hours of work have been put into it. "The costs are kept within reasonable limits and for the ‘hard core’ that attends every year, it’s always a lot of fun, tells schmitt.

Despite all the carnival cheer, the wagon builders also have problems to contend with. "The worst thing this year was the cold. When you’re setting up in a refrigerated hall at minus 18 degrees celsius, it’s no longer funny", says kirchner. But despite the cold weather, everyone continued to paint, and the car was taken to the fire station, where the temperature was more pleasant.

The firefighters participate on sunday, 19. February, at the carnival procession in burkardroth and on monday, 20. February, at the procession in stangenroth. In burkardroth the train starts at 13.30 o’clock, the end is planned around 15 o’clock. Afterwards, the fools are treated to a meal at the fire station, where they end the afternoon with coffee and cake.

Abraham world champion again: points victory over stieglitz

"This is a very emotional moment for me. I am very happy," said abraham under tranes. Berlin’s abraham, world middleweight champion for four years, won a world championship title in the second weight class. For the armenian-born athlete, it was his 35th birthday. Victory in the 38. Professional fight. The 31-year-old stieglitz, on the other hand, had to be imprisoned in the 45. Fighting the third defeat.

Abraham presented himself much improved in comparison to his past campaigns. Trainer ulli wegner’s protege scored the clearer blows in a hard-hitting battle and was already well ahead by the halay point of the fight. Stieglitz could not find a way to counter his opponent’s attacks and was unable to make the most of his supposed physical advantages in the final phase.

2009 amateur world champion jack culcay (darmstadt) claimed his first professional title. The 26-year-old defeated frenchman frederic serre by technical K.O. In the third round and is now intercontinental champion in the half-middleweight according to version of the federation WBA.

Bridge construction near untersteinach: the gap is closed

Now the gap has been closed, the 560-meter-long structure spans the entire schorgasttal valley.

Cyclists could see the progress for some time: the distance between the bridge parts shrank and shrank. The experts worked on each other from two sides – from the rough cut in the east and from the railroad gallery in the west. Until now a continuous structure has been created.

For fritz baumgartel, head of the trench construction department at the bayreuth building authority, the merger is a "milestone, which the building authority wanted to celebrate with planners and the companies involved in a small get-together.

The garden house reveals more secrets

It is an eye-catcher on the property of konstantin papadopoulos in westheim: the little garden house measuring around three by three meters, which is possibly up to 300 years old and originally stood in hammelburg (we reported). Now new details have emerged from the largely obscure history of the structure.

Klaus erm is a descendant of the late hammelburg gardener helmut goldstein. To be precise: it is his nephew. When he read the article about the garden house from the 6. When he was reading the december edition of the local newspaper, he remembered that. He had seen the building himself at its original location. At that time, it stood on a plot of land that stretches westward from martin-luther-weg to an avenue of poplars south of today’s elementary and middle school.

This is also evidenced by a historical picture of unknown date, which erm was kind enough to make available to the editors. It shows the little garden house with the catholic church on the left and the monk tower on the right in the background. The school that now obscures the view of this building did not exist back then.

Schmitt to kasai: what are the ski jumping heroes doing today??

Ryoyu kobayashi, markus eisenbichler and karl geiger are the stars of the 68th edition of the world championship. Four-hills tournament of ski jumpers. In the past, martin schmitt, sven hannawald and co. Thousands of fans under their spell – and at the jumps.

What happened to the heroes of the past when their careers ended?? An overview.

MARTIN SCHMITT: the 2002 overall world cup winner and olympic team champion now works as a talent scout for the german ski association (DSV) and analyzes the world cup scene as an expert for TV station eurosport. With his enormous expertise and structured manner, he looks like the future national coach. But schmitt has no such ambitions at the moment. The 41-year-old is content as a talent scout: "at the moment, i’m very happy with this job, and i’m enjoying it very much," he said.

The unvarnished reality

In the context of the cultural theme of the year "revolution the city of herzogenaurach shows from today to friday, 28. April, the exhibition "full of the east. Life in the GDR in the foyer of the town hall. The photo exhibition by harald hauswald with texts by stefan wolle, published by the federal foundation for the reappraisal of the sed dictatorship and the ostkreuz agency, shows life in the GDR in the 1980s before the fall of the berlin wall. She gives a vivid insight into the question: what kind of social environment is necessary to prepare the ground for a revolution?? Beyond that the exhibition reminds of the "other germany" from our point of view, whose existence ended almost 30 years ago in a peaceful revolution.
In the 1980s, harald hauswald roamed through east berlin and photographed everything that came in front of his lens. He photographed what other photographers overlooked or considered uninteresting: small scenes of everyday life, lonely and old people, young couples in love, rockers, hooligans and young people who were committed to peace and environmental protection in the church. The result is a pictorial journey back to the time of the division. The exhibition shows the unvarnished reality of the GDR, which even contemporary witnesses hardly remember today.

Explanations by video

The exhibition presents more than 100 known and unknown photos on 20 panels, according to the city administration. The texts were written by historian and book author stefan wolle, who, like the photographer, grew up in the GDR. The exhibition panels link with QR-codes to short video interviews on the internet, in which the photographer reports on how and in which context the respective central photo of the panel was taken.
The photo exhibition can be seen during the usual opening hours of the town hall. Admission is free.

The alibi burger from the plate

The dream of noodles and the nightmare of broccoli – in the lent editorial office they are very close to each other. And so some members of the fasting editorial team are proving to be quite inventive in order to stay on track.

Diana fuchs (only regional products): normally shopping is like this: you put the products you want in the basket, pay — and that’s it. But I am a member of a fasting editorial team and have resolved to consume only products from a 50-kilometer radius. Sometimes I’m standing around at the shelf, looking at my face: where does the round-grain rice come from that we usually use to make rice pudding?? Are there also lasagna plates from domestic production?? And the food for the cat – where did it come from?? Often a glance at the all-knowing cell phone helps – although, strictly speaking, that already violates the fasting requirement. Most of the parts of my cell phone are definitely not from france… But you have to make a point somewhere. So i found out online that rice is not only grown in asia and africa, but also in parts of southern europe. But there are no nearer places of reference – which means that rice is off the menu.

After a long search I found at least one farm store nearby that also makes flat noodles – yay, the next lasagna is within reach. And as for our cat food: I have written to the manufacturer of our trust. Until I’m informed, our rascal has to go on a mouse hunt again. The little rodents are guaranteed fresh from the region..

Alcoholized and aggressive: husband arrested

Officers of the kitzingen police department had to intervene twice on saturday because family quarrels escalated. In the afternoon, a woman from wiesentheid contacted the police, as they wrote in their press release. She stated that she had been abused by her 41-year-old husband for a long time.

After a first processing of the case in the office, the husband was visited in the shared apartment. The man, who was heavily intoxicated, was aggressive and intransigent towards the police officers. Finally, he insulted the officers and even deflowered his rear end in front of them, it says in the police report. The man now faces charges of assault, battery and insulting behaviour.

Man punched in the face

On saturday evening, five people got into an argument in a house in prichsenstadt. In the course of the dispute, a 53-year-old man tried to punch a woman in the face. However, this did not succeed due to his alcoholic. The perpetrator had more luck with a man who stood in front of the woman for protection. According to the police report, he hit him in the face. Subsequently, the offender insulted all the people present.

lecture on women's day in forchheim about equal rights: 'further current struggles'

At the center of the series of events for women’s day in the district of forchheim is the lecture "a corner of power in my hand" – politics and the women’s movement in the 20th century. Century (monday, 11. March , beginning 19.30 o’clock, city library forchheim). In this interview, historian nadja bennewitz talks about what awaits listeners on monday, the hurdles women’s rights activists had to overcome, and what the future holds for equal rights.

"A corner of power in my hand is the title of your lecture. What is it all about?

Nadja bennewitz: as dr. In 1949, elisabeth selbert developed the groundbreaking principle that "men and women are equal" in the form of article 3 in the german constitution, she said this sentence: "it was a great moment in my life". I had a corner of power in my hand." Elisabeth selbert recognized that this article in the constitution was essential for all further movements for equal rights. In the constitution of the weimar republic, it was still stated that women and men were "fundamentally" equal equal rights. This addition made many things more difficult, restrictions were always possible.

The "gorilla" has arrived: after the frustrating start of the tour, andre greipel is finally where he wanted to be with his stage victory in this tour of france – in the exclusive club of winners.

The sovereign success in montpellier commanded respect even from competitors. But the rostock native is far from satisfied with that. More day victories are to follow. Greipel also has his sights set on the green jersey of the best sprinter.

"In a sprint it’s all or nothing. Either you are the happiest man in the world or the saddest," said greipel after his success. On this roller coaster of emotions, the 30 year old professional cyclist in the first week of the 100. He has already completed one or two laps of the tour de france: a defect stopped him shortly before the finish of the first stage. At the second mass arrival the sprint preparation of his team did not work out.