Verbandsliga nordost: tsv windheim gains some breathing space in the relegation battle

At the start of the second round, TTC tiefenlauter II, eighth in the table, played a direct duel with seventh-placed TSV windheim in the TSV arena. The windheimers managed a very important home victory, keeping their opponents at a distance. TSV windheim II – TTC tiefenlauter II 9:7

At the beginning it didn’t look good at all for the frankenwald team, because stefan schirmer and fritz schroppel couldn’t repeat their first round success against vesely/deffner. The top doubles of the guest also scored, so that it was left to matthias trebes and patrick grosch to bring in the first point for TSV in the decisive set against buckreus/muller after a 1:2 deficit.

In the front pair cross then both points came for wind home, whereby above all stefan schirmer shone against vesely and made up for his defeat in the first round. Very unfortunate was the defeat of matthias trebes against buckreus. Although he equalized a 0:2 deficit and was leading 8:5 in the deciding set, buckreus won 11:8 with the necessary luck on his side. Fritz schroppel brought the TSV however with a famosen 3:0 against eberhardt with 4:3 in front, which he did not come to the development dear, again and again its burls and above all its strong forehand used.

Simply shopping differently

They call fundus, lichtblick, brauchbar, anziehpunkt or fairkauf. The names say it all: all over germany, social department stores offer jobs and a rough selection of used, donated goods for little money. The bremen "marketplace of encounter in the new vahr is probably one of the most unusual projects in germany – if only because of the location. For here are clothes racks and containers set up in a church where services are still regularly celebrated.

That’s why in the evangelic holy spirit church everything is on rolls and can easily be pushed aside. Apart from the four bronze bells, of course, which come from the church tower that has since been demolished. They are enthroned in the middle of the room, weighing 250 to 800 kilos. If you want, you can also buy them, material value estimated 20000 euros. A crucifix hangs on the red brick wall; the crucified jesus – not for sale – looks down on a second-hand market with bicycles, furniture, shoes, clothes and many other items on offer.

Meeting place for snappers

"Here it’s not about trading, but about reusing and sharing", says social deacon christoph bube (56), who runs the "marketplace of encounters" directs. The social department store, with a sales area of around 300 square meters, is at the same time a church, a meeting place and a popular address for snap-hunters.

Bernhard panzer the new residential and nursing center of the liebfrauenhaus celebrated its opening on thursday afternoon. After just 16 months after the foundation stone was laid in november 2017, the key could be handed over, said facility director irmgard walz. Now they met to put the house under the protection of god.

Because the celebration was not about numbers and dates. The human being is, after all, at the center of a facility that has existed in herzogenaurach for 120 years, said walz. And she promised the guests: "nursing care for the elderly is still one of the gentlest professions in the world."

Loving care

At liebfrauenhaus, it is a question of combining traditional values with the challenges of the times. And great importance is attached to the loving care of people who "have the right to be treated with respect." This is what michael dillmann, the managing director of charleston holding from fussen, said. The philosophy of the carrier, he said, is to combine professional care with a varied life. This also means that people are allowed and encouraged to laugh a lot in the house.

Historic stock market record: apple cracks the billion mark

Apple makes wall street history: the stock market value of the iphone giant has exceeded the billion dollar mark for the first time – never before has a U.S. Company been traded so high.

With a share price of just over 207 US dollars, the market capitalization of the californian tech group reached the magic one with the twelve zeros. The milestone was already close the day before, after strong quarterly figures had provided a powerful boost to the share price. For the year as a whole, the stock is up 22 percent.

Apple thus decides the competition between the US tech giants in its favor: amazon, google parent alphabet and microsoft have also long been heading for the billion-euro mark. The online network facebook, which was also considered a contender for some time, recently had to back down considerably in the wake of its data scandals and dropped out of the race. The first apple follower is amazon with a stock market value of 886 billion dollars, followed by alphabet with 850 billion and microsoft with around 824 billion.

Conchita wurst and bill kaulitz defend heidi klum

Heidi klum (46) will be a judge alongside bill kaulitz (30) and conchita wurst (31) on the new prosieben show "queen of drags" starting thursday – and was criticized in advance for it.

Bill kaulitz and conchita wurst, behind whom is the artist tom neuwirth, can’t quite understand the criticism.

"I take this chance to bring the subject of drag into the mainstream, and i think that heidi, even if she doesn’t come from this scene, has an absolute right to judge a performance," neuwirth said in an interview with "zeit online.". He was a bit irritated, "because our community always strives to be inclusive, to be inclusive, and to be open to people without prejudice," said neuwirth, who has just released his new album "truth over magnitude.

In 2010, the museum of the weisendorf local history society was opened at reuther weg 16. In it are mainly exhibits from the seebachgrund to find.

The foundation for the collection was laid on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of weisendorf in 1988. Here you will find mainly exhibits from the church, the home and the castle, supplemented by equipment from agriculture, but also from the craft sector.

So there was a cobbler in almost every village. Originally, the shoemaker made shoes exclusively by hand; only later, especially in the cities, did the sale of factory shoes come into the picture. In addition, he repaired the shoes by putting on new soles or renewing the heels, and he sewed on reamers for cracks in the upper leather, etc.

Keeping track of the kites

The danger of the kite on the veste coburg is now gone. The now ended coarse special exhibition "dragon’s blood and heroic courage led back to the time when dragons were still corporeal – people really believed in their physical existence – or symbolic existential threat to mankind. It took heroes with superhuman strength and then increasingly the active intervention of the christian god to put them to death. – go away blob with all the cuddly dragons and downright godly guardian animals of today, they are a complete reinterpretation of the ancient motive. We don’t have to be against them; all the fantasy movies and books today, they’re just wonderful. What could be seen on the veste for a quarter of a year – some details in the graphics were not exactly youth-friendly in their cruelty and in the depiction of fear and terror.

A book, a book

An exhibition, especially when it is as lively and imaginative as the curator stephanie knoll, who is responsible for the graphic collection at the veste, has managed to make it, is one thing. A book is something else, above all something lasting. To accompany the dragon’s blood exhibition, the publishing house schnell + steiner, with the help of the niederfullbacher stiftung, has published a rough illustrated book. The works of art on display at the veste are illustrated in high-quality print and explained in detail, their motifs interpreted and their historical background explained.

This means that anyone who visited the exhibition and was exhausted after looking at three or four of these extremely detailed works by durer (1471 – 1528), the effective dutch copper engraver hendrick goltzius (1558 – 1617), the fantastic cranach and all the other great masters – which is no wonder in view of the often teeming, hundreds of pages of drawings, drawings, drawings, drawings, drawings, which is not at all surprising in view of the often teeming, almost hundred-page picture stories on a few square centimeters – who can now penetrate this medium, which has basically become foreign to us today, sitting on the sofa and take his time discovering the fantastic stories. After all, it’s not "only" about to enjoy art.

40 own deputies want to give may a vote of no confidence

British prime minister theresa may is losing more and more support in her own party. Forty members of the ruling british conservative party are ready to vote no confidence in may, according to a media report.

This leaves only eight signatories of a "letter of no confidence" that could force a new election of the party leadership, as the newspaper "sunday times" reports. Next tuesday, when the brexit bill is discussed again in parliament, may could face defeat.

May’s position has already been tarnished since her snap election in june, in which the tories, contrary to their plans, lost their majority in the house of commons instead of expanding it. Further weakening her government most recently was the lack of progress at the EU exit talks in brussel. Critics charge that even six rounds of brexit talks have brought little clarity about the further course of EU withdrawal and the timetable. Within two weeks, two of their ministers had resigned.

Monchkrottendorf comes into focus

The sky opened its sluices almost on time for the family day in monchkrottendorf. It rained. But the participants of the village rally did not let that stop them. They simply went a little later on their tour of the village and the surrounding nature. The family day was organized by the district association for horticulture and land conservation and the fruit and garden association monchkrottendorf. Visitors were treated to an exciting rally through the village and the surrounding countryside.

All senses were in demand

Most of the time you only know the small jura village from driving through it. Not so on family day, when the town presented itself from a completely different angle. "The village rally offers an insight into corners that are otherwise not in the focus", explains simone fischer, of the local gardening association. The rally appealed to all the senses, asking for dexterity, a sense of community and interest in nature. The questions were structured in such a way that they could also be answered by younger children. For the trickier questions, the help of the parents was needed. For district technical advisor michael stromer, the family day fulfills two concerns at once. The visitors get to know the host town and the district association can present itself and its work.

With a so-called run sheet, handed out at the playground on the dorfstrabe, they set out on a circular route that included 14 stations and dealt with questions about nature and culture. It was relatively easy to answer the questions of the youngsters: "which bird calls its own name and lays its eggs in other people’s nests??" Or "where does the fox and badger give birth to their young??"

Meadows and perennial plants have found their way into many gardens. In the last few days of summer, gardeners were enchanted by the concentrated blooms of asters, primroses and stonecrops in their flowerbeds. However, the flowering plants are now running low at the end of autumn.

What to do now? Information on this can be obtained from the gardening advisory service of the district office.

Not all plants remain attractive over winter. Therefore, in late autumn, all the perennials in the beds should be cut off at ground level and the beds "winterized make? The district’s horticulture and land conservation department with district garden advisor guntram ulsamer says: "no! This would have a negative effect on the appearance of the flowerbeds, which can look very attractive especially in frosty weather. In addition, the stalks and shoots provide shelter for bees and bumblebees and provide an important overwintering resource."