idea for town twinning came from brothers

Among the three city partnerships with vernon (france), massa (italy) and eisenstadt (austria), the relationship with burgenland is the youngest, but also the most active. Not only because of the shortest distance (around 690 kilometers), but also because of the same language, there is a lively exchange of ideas and opinions. Frankish female and burgenland red wine, kreuzberg beer and pannonian specialties make the mutual visits convivial and enjoyable round. "Intensive friendships have developed", confirms dietrich forsch, president of the bad kissingen twinning committee.

Krad unit was relocated in 1938
"Town twinning brings people closer together. Globalization, on the other hand, misses the mark", is forsch's credo. Like the partnership with massa in italy in 1960, the link with eisenstadt was the result of a relationship rooted in history: in 1938, the kradschutzen battalion 2 was transferred from bad kissingen to eisenstadt. The brothers fritz and franz kohlmann from guntersblum near mainz belonged to the unit. Fritz married a woman from eisenstadt, franz a woman from bad kissingen.

The late ulrich lutz, former editor-in-chief of the saale newspaper, paid tribute to fritz kohlmann in an obituary in 2006: "in his house in the elek-eiweck-strabe, overlooking the city and the pannonian plain, he followed the course of events, not always happy about it, but heartily committed and in the satisfying awareness of having helped to cement many a foundation stone, on which he had built a new life for the city which later generations built up and will still build up." The eisenstadter by choice has helped shape public life in burgenland. "People with such straightforwardness in what they do and say, and with the willingness to do it from behind the scenes because only the result pays, are rare."

Suspicion of murder in munich: nurse allegedly killed patient with insulin - manhunt

Actually, the caregiver was supposed to take care of bedridden people – accompany them to the toilet, bring them a glass of water and also help them in other ways in everyday life. But the 36-year-old may have had other plans. In munich he is now in custody for murder and robbery resulting in death.

An 87-year-old pensioner from the suburb of ottobrunn allegedly died after the nurse administered insulin to him. But this case could only be the tip of the iceberg. The 36-year-old was active throughout germany; in four cases he is being investigated for attempted murder, and three times for theft.

Coincidence or system?

With a nationwide search one wants to find out, where the man had worked still everywhere, explained police and public prosecutor’s office munchen on tuesday. The pole was an unskilled nursing assistant and had been working abroad since 2008 – sometimes in england, more and more often in germany. The contact to the people in need of care and their families came about through a network of mediation agencies. A strong man who could lift heavy people – probably one reason why he was booked.

40 own deputies want to give may a vote of no confidence

British prime minister theresa may is losing more and more support in her own party. Forty members of the ruling british conservative party are ready to vote no confidence in may, according to a media report.

This leaves only eight signatories of a "letter of no confidence" that could force a new election of the party leadership, as the newspaper "sunday times" reports. Next tuesday, when the brexit bill is discussed again in parliament, may could face defeat.

May’s position has already been tarnished since her snap election in june, in which the tories, contrary to their plans, lost their majority in the house of commons instead of expanding it. Further weakening her government most recently was the lack of progress at the EU exit talks in brussel. Critics charge that even six rounds of brexit talks have brought little clarity about the further course of EU withdrawal and the timetable. Within two weeks, two of their ministers had resigned.