Discussion about the future of the deuster gymnasium

There was talk of the last historic chance and that the election campaign has already begun. One thing became clear on thursday evening in the finance committee: the topic of an event hall in kitzingen is stirring up the emotions. And that for many years.

The gymnasium at the st.Hedwig and paul-eber school can no longer be used in its current state. In heavy rain, water runs through the ceiling and drips onto the floor, the shower rooms exude the charm of a long-abandoned detention center. So the question is whether the hall should be completely renovated or whether a new building is the better solution. But the discussion is not limited to the hall at the st.-reduce hedwig school. It’s all about kitzingen. And the question of whether the city needs an event hall.

The etc. Has decided on this. She speaks out in favor of a multipurpose hall on the deustergelande. A renovation of the small hall makes no sense, commented faction chairman karl-heinz schmidt. It is much too small and not suitable for the disabled. A new building on the neighboring hard court is also out of the question for him. "There are huge cellars underneath, he reminded. Even the underground of the deuster-geland with its cellar passages was better. "You don’t necessarily have to go underground there", said the architect and city councillor.

For mayor frank wilzok, one thing is certain: "an honor is the small salary of a volunteer." Helmut eichner is one of the people who really deserves this little treat. For half a century, he has been one of the main pillars of the singing society 1854 kulmbach weiher-mangersreuth.
The reward for the effort: at the honorary evening in the kommunbrau on saturday, chairman dieter fritsch, supported by the head of the bayreuth choir, heiner beyer, pins the golden badge of honor of the association on his reverse. A high honor also befalls eichner's conductor: walter schleicher, who has been loyal to the association for 40 years, is named honorary choir director. Also he receives the golden pin of honor of the association.
With eichner, who sings in the first bass, memories are awakened of times in which the jubilarian had steered the fate of the association: "the 70s, 80s and 90s were the bleeding time of the association, in which we gave much-acclaimed concerts in bayreuth, bad steben and nurnberg. Unforgettable are also the concerts with musical greats like wagner-sanger karl ridderbusch or the bass of the semper oper dresden, gunter emmerlich."
In 1962, at the time of the economic miracle, eichner had joined the weiherer singers. For the 77-year-old sanger, who lives in mangersreuth, it was not only the close proximity that brought him to the singing club, but above all the good reputation that has always preceded the singing community. "'Where are you going? To the weiherern!It had been said at the time.". And not without reason: in addition to a few folk songs, the association has always cultivated sophisticated, especially church songs.

Musical challenges
The musical accompaniment to the honorary evening reflects this principle. The challenging composition "land recognition from the pen of edvard grieg with its many tempo and rhythm changes becomes a masterly artistic performance.
Eichner also sings in fervor. How to master such creative hurdles? "In which one is highly concentrated on the matter at hand. In the early stages, it is still a rough challenge, but with time, the progress grows, the song becomes a routine."
For eichner, choral singing is a piece of music that liberates the soul, but also makes you happy. Not only him, but also other. When at the end of a concert, the audience applauds, he feels it as a satisfaction. He also considered his time as chairman of the association from 1974 to 1994 to be one such episode. "If no one gets involved for the good of the general public, then our society becomes impoverished.", says the sanger, who still speaks up with constructive suggestions today.
He thinks back wistfully to the days in the 1970s when the choir of around 50 people was twice as large as it is today: "that was a splendor of choral singing." This was not only due to the large number of singers, but also to their then and now choir director, walter schleicher.
Four decades ago he came to the small town of kulmbach from the big city of nurnberg – as a teacher at the secondary school. "They were different times. Sometimes there was more to do, sometimes less. But one thing has remained the same over all these years: the people of weiher have always gone along with my creative work with them", says schleicher, who gives his singers special praise: "a piece had never been rehearsed as well as it was performed afterwards."

Choir director still remains
Schleicher is also known to many kulmbach residents as the director of the music school. From 1979 until his retirement in 2011, he worked meritoriously at the institution. For the club, this had a positive side effect. "My effort in all concerts has always been to involve music school students. Tonight we are accompanied by a former student of mine, maria-kristin voit on electric piano."
Neither eichner, nor schleicher think of quitting. "As long as I still have joy in singing, I stay with it", explains the former. Even the choir director does not want to resign yet. And in his speech of thanks, he not only praises the association, but also his wife heike.

The garden house reveals more secrets

It is an eye-catcher on the property of konstantin papadopoulos in westheim: the little garden house measuring around three by three meters, which is possibly up to 300 years old and originally stood in hammelburg (we reported). Now new details have emerged from the largely obscure history of the structure.

Klaus erm is a descendant of the late hammelburg gardener helmut goldstein. To be precise: it is his nephew. When he read the article about the garden house from the 6. When he was reading the december edition of the local newspaper, he remembered that. He had seen the building himself at its original location. At that time, it stood on a plot of land that stretches westward from martin-luther-weg to an avenue of poplars south of today’s elementary and middle school.

This is also evidenced by a historical picture of unknown date, which erm was kind enough to make available to the editors. It shows the little garden house with the catholic church on the left and the monk tower on the right in the background. The school that now obscures the view of this building did not exist back then.

place of inspiration and encouragement in kronach

For the service and the following ceremony to mark the double anniversary of the pestalozzi school, principal stefan muck was able to bury many friends, companions, partners, representatives from politics and public life, and especially members of the school family in the double gymnasium of the school center. He was very happy about the presence of his predecessors siegfried hertel and irene muller, who led the school from 1969 to 2004 and from 2004 to 2017, respectively, and the "teacher of the first hour, hans-peter nickel, who together with martin thalhof had given the initial impetus for the school foundation.

Start with 38 students

In his review, muck spoke about the successful development of the school, which opened on 1 january 2009. October 1968 with 38 students under the name "public special school for the learning disabled in kronach was opened in the adjacent building of the former high school. Milestones were the integration of the formerly independent special schools steinwiesen and steinbach/wald in 1974 and 1982, respectively, the founding of the association "help for the learning-disabled child in the district of kronach in the 1971/72 school year, the start of classes in the school center from the 10th grade onwards, was a great success. September 1978 – already under the name pestalozzi school kronach -, the increase to up to 290 pupils in 2000, the addition of aubenstellen in ludwigsstadt, pressig and posseck, the expansion of the school to a private special needs education center in 2004 and the establishment of a stutz- und forderklasse in 2015. The school program is supplemented by a preparatory school facility (SVE) and outpatient services, mobile special education assistance in daycare centers and mobile special education services in the schools of the district of kronach. Today, 165 children and adolescents are challenged at the school in an SVE group and 14 classes.

"Inclusion is now indispensable", the principal was certain. Special education has always played a pioneering role in education and has given it a great deal of impetus. The competency-based instruction provided at the school, which is tailored to individual needs, is an indispensable offering in the inclusive school system and in an inclusive society.

Herzogenaurach high school graduates sweat

"64 high school graduates and 60 high school graduates are registered at the gymnasium herzogenaurach for this year’s high school graduation", it says in a message about the examinations. On 10. May started with german. The third subject of the school-leaving examination, which the students can choose themselves, was taught on the 14th of december. May written. Here, for example, biology, sports or economics were on the program, as upper school coordinator and teacher schrumpf tells us at the grammar school.
Friday was the last day of the written exam with the compulsory subject mathematics. Slight excitement spread. This was also the case for hannah niewerth: "i’m scared and panicking," she said!", she reported shortly after the group photo, when she was still wearing her dirndl: "after the exam, we’re going up the mountain! But the dirndl is a bit uncomfortable for writing the exam", she said and smiled.
Shortly before the start, all the cell phones were collected in a plastic box. "If one rings a bell, we’ll never find it! Hopefully everyone is out, joked matthias engel, teacher at the gymnasium herzogenaurach. After the teachers of the individual classes had personally handed over the tasks to their students, principal schell briefly said: "i don’t wish you good luck for your exam, but rather a high probability of the right result."
On thursday, the gymnasium, which had to be closed for school sports, was used for the eleventh grade. A german school assignment was on the program, which was conveniently written in the gymnasium. This gives the eflt students a feel for what it’s like to take an exam in a room with more than 100 other students.
On friday at 1 p.M., however, it was time to take a breather before going into the oral compulsory exams.

Renovation in two to three stages

The renovation of the elementary school was the main topic at the community council meeting in pfarrweisach on thursday. Mayor ralf nowak read out a cost estimate of around two million euros for the partial renovation of the school building and sports hall.

This includes, for example, the damming of the upper floor ceiling and the facade, a sunshade and the renewal of glass surfaces, floor coverings and the toilets and dry construction work. Since the calculation is already some time behind, it is to be expected that the costs will probably still increase, according to nowak. The municipal councils decided unanimously that, in principle, the school renovation, in whatever form, should be given priority.

In the years 2008 and 2018, the municipality of pfarrweisach did not benefit from the award of increased demand funds. The unanimous opinion was that we could not wait another ten years. The minimum state requirement is 50 percent, which will probably also apply to the current project. Local councillor markus oppelt suggested that the district council member and district administrator of rhon-grabfeld, thomas habermann, should be contacted, as he is also a member of the social committee at district level. Perhaps in this way an additional demand could be achieved or at least assistance in the application process.

From the school bench to the families

Every year, a language week is held between the germans and the french – once in herzogenaurach, once in the twin town of sainte luce. And this for more than ten years. It is now the turn of franconia again, where the guests were officially welcomed by mayor german hacker in the town hall on monday.

From saturday to saturday the stay lasts, during which everything naturally revolves around deepening the knowledge of the language. In the mornings, the participants sit in on the lessons given by barbara harig at the VHS in badgasse.

The volkshochschule, together with the city of herzogenaurach, is also the sponsor of the program, which is organized by the herzogenaurach friends of sainte luce. Vera gies and chairwoman christa nitschke are responsible for the association, which was founded in 1990. They will arrange the stays in the host families and take care of the afternoon program. Today’s program includes a trip to the open-air museum in bad windsheim, germany.

Using synergy effects for youth work

The topic of youth work in the associations and the parishes was addressed by the parish community "am kreuzberg, bischofsheim" taken up. Mayor udo baumann, regional youth pastor thorsten kapperer, who is the contact person for the parish community at the kreuzberg on behalf of the regional office for church youth work in bad neustadt, as well as michael handwerker, alexander reib, florian neumann (bischofsheim), bernhard eisenmann and ursula reinhart (oberweibenbrunn) invited the responsible persons of the associations from bischofsheim to a first meeting.

"The aim was to have an initial exchange in order to find out what the associations are doing well in terms of youth work and where they might need support, or where synergy effects could be exploited for the benefit of all concerned through possible cooperation with several associations", DECLARED capper. "The response was great. Almost 40 people from 21 associations were present."
Each club had the opportunity to make a short statement on the current situation of youth work in their own club. What is going well? Where are the problems?? Is there anything that we can’t do alone, but that we would like to do together?? These questions were at the forefront.
"The aim of the evening was to bring the representatives of the associations into exchange in terms of youth work. The evening showed how diverse youth work is in the town of bischofsheim, and it highlighted possible opportunities for various clubs to cooperate with one another. We would like to encourage!", so kapperer.

More space and volunteers needed

1948 languages teachers from the educational school

The brass band of the herzog-otto-middle school in lichtenfels, led by florian ebert, put the numerous members of the lichtenfels-bad staffelstein BLLV district association in the right mood at their christmas party in the wichert guesthouse. The new district chairman bernhard jebberger, who has been working at the herzog-otto-mittelschule lichtenfels for almost 20 years, briefly introduced himself to the members, thanked his board team and especially buried his predecessor gertrud tischer and the 2. BLLV district chairwoman gisela jahreib (coburg). Tour guide hans tremel briefly introduced the whitsun trip 2019 to sudtirol.

70 years ago

In her speech, jahreib first addressed current school problems and presented the BLLV’s point of view. Since honors for 70 years of membership in the teachers’ association were pending, she looked back to the year 1948, when there was talk of the educational school. Education should embrace the human being in its entirety and be achieved through principles of clarity of instruction, individuality, wholeness with a cross-disciplinary profile, self-reliance and openness to the world. Jahreib paid thereby points, which are today still topical.

The deputy chairwoman of the district, jahreib, appealed for support for the children’s aid of the bavarian teachers’ association in peru, where in ayacucho, a region of great poverty south of lima, the BLLV is providing rough help.

The first educators with a habfurt diploma

Many farewells were celebrated: from the class F2, which now goes into the year of recognition, from those who have already completed this year and were able to receive their diplomas as educators, from the district of habberge as a school sponsor and in this context from some state teachers, who will therefore no longer be "loaned" to the so-called faks can be con. To 1. August the caritas-schulen ggmbh becomes the sponsor of the technical academy.

Speech of the academy graduates

Nna will and julian kiesewetter opened the ceremony with a humorous speech in which they looked back on their broadly based education. Many questions had preoccupied her, so nina will. The freudian phases as well as the question "when will our male classmates come out of puberty??"