Out of the darkness

The past night students of interior design of the faculty of design have beaten each other about the ears to the rough part. The young people in the fifth and seventh semesters around lighting designer and university lecturer michael muller installed around 70 spotlights and luminaires at the coburg train station.

Project "future station

For one week, from today, friday, to sunday, 15.December, the facade of the station building will shine in this very special way. As reported, the coburg station is one of 16 nodal stations in germany to be included in the "future station" program of the DB AG were taken up. In the coming months, the mobility group will be investing a lot of money to upgrade the station building. Damaged tiles, crumbling paintwork and outdated seating will be renewed and replaced. The ticket vending machines move out of the center of the oval entrance hall to the track underpass and the station hall gets a chic ambience with stylish seating furniture, the underpass to the platforms gets a friendly coat of paint and LED walls.

A part of the "future station is the illumination of the facade. Although there are already some ground spotlights, these lights do not really come into their own. With the spotlights now temporarily installed, the walls between the windows of the building are illuminated from below.

In addition: such trips apply in the usual linguistic usage to other states. But the federal president is the head of state of all germans, and the federal states are not foreign countries, not even the free state of bavaria.

So what is the point of an "inaugural visit"? Of the head of state, who sees himself as the president of the citizens, with his citizens, from whose broad approval he only gains political power on this side of the protocol significance of the office?

This question is also justified by the strange way in which the federal prasidial office forced gauck’s visit to munich yesterday into a strict set of regulations, which seemed to be aimed above all at avoiding any spontaneous encounters.

One million invested

Ekkehard roepert it wasn't just the district chamber's carmen stumpf who had stones falling from her heart on monday. Because the legal dispute that the city had initiated against the district of forchheim because of the district levy had burdened the district chamber since 2017 with a series of seemingly endless budgetary questions. With the settlement, which the county council approved by a vote of 44 to 3, peace now seems to have returned.

Before this could happen, district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) spoke out more forcefully than ever before: legal history had been written, there was no winner. Ulm made no bones about his dismissal after this years-long dispute: "that we have written legal history with this unfortunate and, in the end, pointless procedure, was clear at the latest since the ruling of the administrative court of bayreuth in 2017", said ulm. "The message from bayreuth shocked bavarian municipalities and associations like an earthquake." the municipal apportionment system as a whole had been called into question.

Reminder: the city of forchheim's appeal against the 14.2-million-euro apportionment notice issued in 2014 was ultimately heard by the bavarian administrative court.