The unvarnished reality

In the context of the cultural theme of the year "revolution the city of herzogenaurach shows from today to friday, 28. April, the exhibition "full of the east. Life in the GDR in the foyer of the town hall. The photo exhibition by harald hauswald with texts by stefan wolle, published by the federal foundation for the reappraisal of the sed dictatorship and the ostkreuz agency, shows life in the GDR in the 1980s before the fall of the berlin wall. She gives a vivid insight into the question: what kind of social environment is necessary to prepare the ground for a revolution?? Beyond that the exhibition reminds of the "other germany" from our point of view, whose existence ended almost 30 years ago in a peaceful revolution.
In the 1980s, harald hauswald roamed through east berlin and photographed everything that came in front of his lens. He photographed what other photographers overlooked or considered uninteresting: small scenes of everyday life, lonely and old people, young couples in love, rockers, hooligans and young people who were committed to peace and environmental protection in the church. The result is a pictorial journey back to the time of the division. The exhibition shows the unvarnished reality of the GDR, which even contemporary witnesses hardly remember today.

Explanations by video

The exhibition presents more than 100 known and unknown photos on 20 panels, according to the city administration. The texts were written by historian and book author stefan wolle, who, like the photographer, grew up in the GDR. The exhibition panels link with QR-codes to short video interviews on the internet, in which the photographer reports on how and in which context the respective central photo of the panel was taken.
The photo exhibition can be seen during the usual opening hours of the town hall. Admission is free.

The alibi burger from the plate

The dream of noodles and the nightmare of broccoli – in the lent editorial office they are very close to each other. And so some members of the fasting editorial team are proving to be quite inventive in order to stay on track.

Diana fuchs (only regional products): normally shopping is like this: you put the products you want in the basket, pay — and that’s it. But I am a member of a fasting editorial team and have resolved to consume only products from a 50-kilometer radius. Sometimes I’m standing around at the shelf, looking at my face: where does the round-grain rice come from that we usually use to make rice pudding?? Are there also lasagna plates from domestic production?? And the food for the cat – where did it come from?? Often a glance at the all-knowing cell phone helps – although, strictly speaking, that already violates the fasting requirement. Most of the parts of my cell phone are definitely not from france… But you have to make a point somewhere. So i found out online that rice is not only grown in asia and africa, but also in parts of southern europe. But there are no nearer places of reference – which means that rice is off the menu.

After a long search I found at least one farm store nearby that also makes flat noodles – yay, the next lasagna is within reach. And as for our cat food: I have written to the manufacturer of our trust. Until I’m informed, our rascal has to go on a mouse hunt again. The little rodents are guaranteed fresh from the region..

Alcoholized and aggressive: husband arrested

Officers of the kitzingen police department had to intervene twice on saturday because family quarrels escalated. In the afternoon, a woman from wiesentheid contacted the police, as they wrote in their press release. She stated that she had been abused by her 41-year-old husband for a long time.

After a first processing of the case in the office, the husband was visited in the shared apartment. The man, who was heavily intoxicated, was aggressive and intransigent towards the police officers. Finally, he insulted the officers and even deflowered his rear end in front of them, it says in the police report. The man now faces charges of assault, battery and insulting behaviour.

Man punched in the face

On saturday evening, five people got into an argument in a house in prichsenstadt. In the course of the dispute, a 53-year-old man tried to punch a woman in the face. However, this did not succeed due to his alcoholic. The perpetrator had more luck with a man who stood in front of the woman for protection. According to the police report, he hit him in the face. Subsequently, the offender insulted all the people present.

lecture on women's day in forchheim about equal rights: 'further current struggles'

At the center of the series of events for women’s day in the district of forchheim is the lecture "a corner of power in my hand" – politics and the women’s movement in the 20th century. Century (monday, 11. March , beginning 19.30 o’clock, city library forchheim). In this interview, historian nadja bennewitz talks about what awaits listeners on monday, the hurdles women’s rights activists had to overcome, and what the future holds for equal rights.

"A corner of power in my hand is the title of your lecture. What is it all about?

Nadja bennewitz: as dr. In 1949, elisabeth selbert developed the groundbreaking principle that "men and women are equal" in the form of article 3 in the german constitution, she said this sentence: "it was a great moment in my life". I had a corner of power in my hand." Elisabeth selbert recognized that this article in the constitution was essential for all further movements for equal rights. In the constitution of the weimar republic, it was still stated that women and men were "fundamentally" equal equal rights. This addition made many things more difficult, restrictions were always possible.

The "gorilla" has arrived: after the frustrating start of the tour, andre greipel is finally where he wanted to be with his stage victory in this tour of france – in the exclusive club of winners.

The sovereign success in montpellier commanded respect even from competitors. But the rostock native is far from satisfied with that. More day victories are to follow. Greipel also has his sights set on the green jersey of the best sprinter.

"In a sprint it’s all or nothing. Either you are the happiest man in the world or the saddest," said greipel after his success. On this roller coaster of emotions, the 30 year old professional cyclist in the first week of the 100. He has already completed one or two laps of the tour de france: a defect stopped him shortly before the finish of the first stage. At the second mass arrival the sprint preparation of his team did not work out.

lows message: 'tame impatience and turn on warning light'

"The national team has developed rapidly in the last two or three years, and that’s the way it will stay," the national coach emphasized shortly before christmas eve, which he will spend in his home in the black forest. "I know myself, i know that days like this help me to come up with fresh ideas," the freiburger said about the creative break over the holidays.

"The european championship has disenchanted us in the end," low admitted and again acknowledged his own mistakes. "But we also played good games, and we were the youngest team in the tournament. We are second in the world rankings. Why should anything be over there?" Low stressed in the "suddeutsche zeitung" and attested to the black-red-gold boy group around ozil, gotze and reus continuing to have excellent prospects. Despite the setbacks in 2012, the fans should continue to enjoy the creativity of the german game, especially in the european championship semifinals against italy (1:2) and sweden (4:4).

National team manager oliver bierhoff also remains convinced of the chance of finally winning another title at the world cup in brazil in 2014, even if there are no guarantees. "Because our team with its highly talented, young players has enormous potential", lessons have been learned from the mistakes of the european championships and the tougher international competition "will give our ambitious team even more wings", said bierhoff. But the manager said: "if we want to make it to the top, we have to be even more focused, even more dominant and even more effective."

Power struggle with the curve: causa hopp becomes a precedent

A few hours after the scandal in sinsheim, DFB boss fritz keller announced the end of all compromises in the power struggle with the curves.

"Now is the end, now the limits must be shown," said the president of the german soccer federation, struggling for composure, on zdf television under the impression of the renewed hate tirades against hoffenheim mascot dietmar hopp. The crackdown with two game suspensions at bayern’s game in sinsheim, the demonstrative ball-shoving by the stars, the protests in other stadiums – the memorable scenes of this game day have led german soccer into the next fan crisis. The DFB and the league must now be judged on their sudden hardball strategy – probably already in the cup in the next few days.

The incidents in dortmund, koln, some second division arenas and on sunday at the match of union berlin against wolfsburg seemed like a concerted action. FC bayern even knew in advance about the plans of the munich fan scene. Afterwards, emport chairman karl-heinz rummenigge spoke of "a black day for soccer" and emphasized: "it has to stop. I will no longer duck away with today. Even at the risk of having to walk around with bodyguards one day."

u.s. government threatens turkey with new sanctions

The u.S. Has threatened turkey with further sanctions if u.S. Pastor andrew brunson, who is under house arrest, is not released.

The government has prepared further sanctions to be imposed if the pastor is not released quickly, finance minister steven mnuchin said at a cabinet meeting in the weiben house. President donald trump declared that turkey has not proven to be a "good friend" of the u.S.

The crisis between the two nato partners was allowed to worsen as a result. Evangelical pastor brunson was taken into custody on terror charges in the western turkish city of izmir in 2016 and was briefly placed under house arrest. U.S. President donald trump has repeatedly called for his immediate release. In early august, his government imposed sanctions on two turkish ministers, which turkey reciprocated.

The worm is in here

Christoph boger

for some it sounds like a funny provincial joke. The responsible persons of the FC coburg can not laugh about it though. The place in the dr. Stocke stadium is in such a bad condition that it is being considered not to play soccer there at all from now on. This was confirmed by deputy chairman alexander pietsch in response to a question from the tageblatt newspaper.
The reason is this time however not the dream game. There are also hardly any problems due to the weather, and there is no overload at the wiesenstrabe anyway. No, in the stadium rather the worms are loose. And a million times over!

The devil is in the details

And that’s where the devil is in the details – or rather in the turf: the creepy-crawlies, which at first glance seem harmless, have meanwhile taken up so much of the playing field that the goal hunt will soon be over.
The problem is as follows: countless earthworms pile up small fresh balls of earth night after night, bringing numerous irregularities to the "green carpet" that was cut to exactly 2.2 centimeters for the bavarian stars just weeks ago. In damp conditions the field becomes extremely slippery.

The tsv's record is almost flawless

It is done, the last badminton games of the season are over. And the district league team of TSV rottenbach has every reason to celebrate, because with an almost flawless record (27:1 points), they have managed immediate promotion back to the district upper league. The rottenbacher had already secured the title on the third last day of play, so that the match against FC pleinfeld II was only an exhibition game. In the 5:3 victory, there was again some experimentation. Ilona rachuj was a bit handicapped at the hitting hand and therefore played the mixed with leon fischer.
The three opening doubles were a safe prey of TSV. Only marcus mehlich and andre monius had to give up a set, but then delivered a sovereign performance (18:21/21:12/21:11). Thus monius made himself in his last game for the TSV at the same time an already farewell present. Monius, who was a member of the club for many years and rendered outstanding services to youth and departmental work during this time, is leaving for ingolstadt for professional reasons. Due to the change in the team, mehlich, monius and janice plotzner had a harder time in the singles than expected and could not score as expected. Finally jan plotzner, who is the mab of all things in the league, and fischer/rachuj made the bag with smooth two-set victories. Final score: 5:3.

A new start in the B district class
The adventure of the second team in the "bezirksklasse A" did not end with a happy ending. The class preservation seemed after the penultimate game weekend already in dry cloths. Then ASV mohrendorf, which had been last in the table so far, came to two points despite losing the match against erlangen-bruck at the green table (wrong line-up of the bruckers) and passed them in the table. In the direct duel on the last matchday a victory of TSN was therefore necessary to keep the class. In the end, the two won men's doubles, the first men's singles and the mixed were exactly one victory too few to end the match victoriously. Final score 4:4. The "second" team will make a new start in the autumn in the district class B.
The third team did well in the bezirksklasse B within the limits of its possibilities. The more often one had to fight with understaffing and injuries in the team. In the last game of the round, TSV lost to the champion and promoted team flugelrad nurnberg V with 1:7. The honorary point on rottenbacher side fought britta kuhn in the ladies singles. Thus the team occupies in the final account the sixth table place.
After the last games, at the annual general meeting, the head of the department and chairman jan plotzner was confirmed in office. In the next few weeks, the personnel planning in the individual teams will be tackled – here it will also be decided with how many teams in the youth and adult area will participate in the fall in the game operation.