Purring cats, waddling ducks, fluttering birds, a nasty wolf and the brave little peter. Who doesn’t know the adventures of the little boy who doesn’t listen to his grandfather but understands the language of animals?. The musical march "peter and the wolf shows how different instruments can be used to tell an exciting story. That this can also be achieved with a single instrument was demonstrated on monday by the dean’s cantor on the organ of the christuskirche, while susanne popp lent her voice to this popular composition.

In the original, each protagonist – peter, his grandfather and a handful of animals – is assigned an instrument in the orchestra. Although the organ is the only instrument capable of imitating an entire orchestra. An orchestral work on the "queen of instruments" alone nevertheless, it is undoubtedly a rough challenge to perform. Thanks to the richness of sound of the romantic steinmeyer organ and skilful registration, deanery cantor marius popp nevertheless managed, seemingly effortlessly, to bring all those involved to life and at the same time portray their different characters. A real experience for its young and young-at-heart audience, which on monday attentively and with rough eyes followed the as exciting as instructive musical explanation.

"Peter and the wolf wears the typical costumes of a march. The story centers around little peter, who lives with his grandfather on the edge of a forest. He understands the language of the cat, the bird and the duck. The animals are his friends. The grandfather warns peter to always keep the garden door closed in case the wolf comes out of the woods. One day the wolf actually comes and satisfies his hunger by eating the duck. The brave peter does not let himself be intimidated and catches the wolf with cunning and the help of the bird. Together with the hunters, the father, the cat and the bird, peter brings the wolf to the zoo.

Six days of celebrating at the stucco

Six days of kerwa celebrations – this year the people of hellmitzheim had a good time because of the german unification day.

Thus, the local boys and the entire population of the iphofen district celebrated from 2. To 7. October their kirchweih. The high point on sunday was the traditional parade with theme and music floats as well as the fubgruppe, consisting of the still unmarried male inhabitants of the village, dressed in jeans, a female shirt and a tyrolean hat and holding a mabkrug in their hands, marching behind the procession and belting out their kerwa songs.

On the wagons were some funny episodes from the village events, which had happened since the last kirchweih. The one or other burger, who had a rather scatterbrained mishap or who had made himself the talk of the village by some strange action, got his fat off in a winking way. The parade ended again this year at the showgrounds, where the people came together.

refreshing enjoyment of art in kronach

It’s just love – every year the town of lucas cranach looks forward to "their" festival hofer symphoniker give the honor on three evenings in the kreiskulturraum. A kulturring season without the guests from hof – unthinkable! This time, too, the expectations were high – and even exceeded.

The orchestra, which is known far beyond the region of upper franconia, was bursting with energy and thrilled the audience with its liveliness and freshness. In johannes wildner it had a conductor who knew how to inspire the musicians to high performances. Under his passionate direction, they initially loved alexander glasunow’s "the winter" from "the seasons op. 67" and "the spring op. 34" sound. There were no limits to the imagination in the vivid tone-painting depictions of nature, from the bone-chilling cold of winter to the gentle blossoms of springtime.

The magnificent orchestral music was crowned by the top-class solo trumpeter simon hofele. The trumpet is rather a rarely heard solo instrument and the number of compositions together with orchestra is unfortunately quite small. All the more gratifying, then, that the people of kronach were able to present two wonderful concertos for trumpet and orchestra – one by johann nepomuk hummel and the other by joseph haydn, both in e-flat major – as a "gift received.

the altenberg musicians in haard celebrate an anniversary

The altenberg musicians in haard celebrate on 1. Advent an anniversary. Their pre-christmas charity event has been going on for ten years now. On sunday, 2. December, the music club organizes again from 18 o’clock this cherished use. The musicians play christmas tunes at berthold-hehn-square in front of the church.

Raffle at station rainbow

In addition, there will be gluhwein and heibe sausages and a bazaar with homemade cookies, stollen and cake (also to take home). As always, the proceeds will go to the station regenbogen for children suffering from leukemia and tumors in wurzburg.

For this year’s anniversary, the music association also invited honorary guests, among them barbara stamm and representatives of the parents’ initiative for children with leukemia and tumors.V, which supports the station regenbogen. The mayors and councillors of nudlingen have also confirmed their attendance.