DIY chain praktiker facing insolvency

The praktiker DIY chain is on the verge of going out of business. Negotiations on further financing for the restructuring failed, praktiker announced in hamburg on wednesday evening. Individual creditor groups did not agree to the plan. As a result, praktiker AG is overindebted and insolvent. Praktiker is one of germany's largest DIY chains.

In the short term, an application for insolvency proceedings is now to be filed with the competent local court for praktiker AG and several operating companies. This is the result of a letter from the praktiker board of management to the employees, which was made available to dpa on wednesday evening.

The more profitable subsidiary max bahr and the international business are not affected by the insolvency, as stated in the letter. Group-wide, praktiker has sold around 18.000 employees, almost 7000 of them abroad. According to the company, the group operates almost 430 DIY and home improvement stores in nine countries, of which more than 300 are in germany.

Wiesentheid continues to invest heavily in 2014

The preliminary discussion of the budget in the finance and economic committee of the wiesentheid municipal council did not bring any controversial discussions, but rather rough figures. At the end of the discussion, it is clear that there will be a record budget for 2014, which will be higher than the budget for this year. After some minor changes, the total budget will amount to 15.476 million euros, which is about one million euros more than the previous year’s budget.

One reason for the increase is that the municipality will again invest heavily in the coming year, also because some major projects are pending. To illustrate the scale of the 7.6 million euro investment program, mayor werner knaier presented another figure: 17.647 million euros have been spent in the past eleven years. For 2014 alone, the range of investments includes 7.6 million euros.

However, this does not mean that wiesentheid will fall into serious debt; after all, 2.66 million euros of the amount invested will be returned as income from grants. In addition, the tax situation is favorable. 1.834 million euros in income tax revenue is expected, plus 1.82 million euros from trade tax. A total of 3.89 million euros will be taken from the reserve fund.

Hermann schadel gratefully celebrates 80.

Hermann schadel, a well-known and committed figure from oeslau, celebrated his 80th birthday on 27 june. January his 80. Birthday. The jubilarian is known far beyond the borders of rodental as an expert on shorthand. This art was and is his lifeblood. "You have to be able to do both – shorthand and the PC", that is his motto, with a mischievous laugh.

Many of the invited guests have accompanied him throughout his professional and volunteer life, and many a friendship has been forged. The friends transferred money instead of presents, which hermann schadel passed on as a donation to the awo for the renovation of the inner courtyard.

In the upswing of the economy

"I was fortunate to be able to live and work in the economic boom after the second world war", said the jubilarian, adding: "I have been spared worries such as unemployment and have been able to shape my life – and thus that of my family – in a pleasant way."

Imposing behavior comes at a high price: sports club wants to be compensated for damages of about 7000 euros

Their pubescent impertinence cost two 19-year-olds dearly. They made several laps with their cars on a wet sports field and caused serious damage in the process. The juvenile court sentenced the adolescents to 400 euros each for damage to property. But that’s not the end of the story for the youngsters: they must now expect the sports club to come up with four-figure claims for damages.

According to the indictment read out by prosecutor franziska winkler, the crime occurred on 16. March of this year shortly after midnight on the sports field of krum. One of the boys drove an opel omega, the second driver, who arrived later, drove a VW golf. The opel was fully occupied, and in the passenger seat was a bright 18 year old girl with long dark hair. Also next to the golf driver sab a young woman. The fact that a female companion was present in each case must have "encouraged the defendants to pose", said juvenile court aide franz heinrich.

In principle, the two teenagers in training were confessed, and the opel driver described his behavior rather meekly as "pure stupidity". When he got stuck in the muddy ground, he and his friends first tried to get the car out again by putting pieces of wood under the tires and using the floor mat. But that went wrong, and the car was almost on its axle. And so he had no choice but to call for help.

Hilmar hoffmann died: 'a gifted beggar'

The heavenly account seems to be far overdrawn," said hilmar hoffmann shortly before his 90th birthday. Birthday. He was still at his desk every day, from 10 a.M. To 1 p.M. And from 3 p.M. To 6 p.M.

The frankfurter by choice was far more than one of germany’s best-known cultural politicians. He was an enthusiast and a convincer, a campaigner and a visionary. On friday evening he collapsed dead on the way to the hospital. He turned 92.

Against 17.45 o’clock hoffmann had a friend take him to a treatment appointment, the "bild" newspaper reported on saturday. He collapsed in the parking lot. Attempts by doctors to resuscitate him had failed.

High subsidies for families: the six most important facts about the new building subsidy for children

All families for whom the dream of owning their own four walls seems unrealizable now have a new option: as of tuesday, parents can apply for child construction subsidies. The project offers 12.000 euro funding assistance – per child. Critics, however, complain that the child benefit will only drive up housing prices even further.

At the start of the child construction subsidy, demand was already so high that the website for applications temporarily collapsed. "The subsidy portal was unavailable for a period of 20 minutes", said a spokesman for the k-bank on tuesday, where the applications can be submitted. In the first few hours, there were more than 1,000 applications. These are the six most important facts about the child construction allowance:

1. How to apply for the child construction allowance?

Free state negotiates with investor about spa hotel

With state minister albert furacker (52, CSU), the CSU district association and all the local associations had invited their most competent campaign aide for bad kissingen. After all, furacker is not only the head of all bavarian state banks as minister of finance, but as minister of home affairs, he is also largely responsible for the relocation of authorities.

"We will do everything we can for bad kissingen", he promised his listeners on sunday evening in the kurgartencafe, which was probably not completely filled due to the announced hurricane.

"When we talk about storms, the CSU is the right place to be", sandro kirchner, member of the state parliament, took up the cue and acted as moderator for his party as well as for the re-election of district administrator thomas bold and the new election of gerhard schneider as mayor of oberburg in the municipal elections on 15 june. March. "Because things are just as dynamic here."

Bayreuth opera sanger makes old forge shine in new splendor

The historical smithy next to the landhotel schnupp was in a pitiful condition. The ruin was about to be demolished. The old building now shines in new splendor. The savior heibt richard rost, opernsanger in retirement and "jungrentner", as he jokingly calls himself. With a small celebration he inaugurated his new domicile.

Rost explained how he came to maintain the structure. "For ten years, when I attended the bayreuth festival, I drove past it. I saw the decay and became interested in the building. I asked the former head of administration rainer schimpf in the municipality about the history of the house and then it was clear to me: it must not die."

Almost 30 years empty

First mentioned in a document in 1594, the building served as a residence in the 17th century. The building was used as a forge in the 19th century after the 30-year war until the 1960s and was a prominent feature of altdrossenfeld. Then the building stood empty for almost 30 years.

A ticket for free ' would be priceless'

In april, the SPD’s city council faction took the initiative and asked in a detailed questionnaire whether it would be possible to introduce a free bus ticket in herzogenaurach. There was also a question about the 365-euro-ticket.

After intensive research, the city administration, in cooperation with all bodies involved in public transport, is now stating its findings. This must have sounded devastating to the applicants: free use of the public transport system in the herzogenaurach city area would be possible in theory, but not in practice. "Priceless" mayor german hacker (SPD) sums it up in one word.

Based on bare figures compiled by chamberman manfred hofmann. Accordingly, the amount of the city’s subsidy more than quadrupled.

german treasury with billion dollar surplus

Despite the economic slowdown, the german treasury again took in more money than it spent in 2019. The federal statistical office put the surplus of the federal government, states, municipalities and social security funds at a total of 49.8 billion euros.

The authority thus confirmed previous statements. In the previous year, record earnings of 62.4 billion euros had been achieved. The surplus accounted for 1.4 percent of gross domestic product last year, compared with 1.9 percent the previous year.

Germany is thus far from the deficit limit of the maastricht treaty, in which europeans allow themselves a budget deficit of 3.0 percent of economic output.