Wagon construction despite rough cold

wagon construction despite rough cold

"We take turns. One year the premich association sets up a wagon, the other year we do it", woman kirchner. The team of helpers makes sure that the theme of the wagon is a current one. Events of the market town are taken on the grain. And this year? "We have taken up the most topical issue in the market community with our trolley," says schmitt, says klaus kirchner with a smile. Elmar schmitt, chairman of the burkardroth firefighters’ association, adds that this year around six people are helping to build the carnival float, and a total of around 30 hours of work have been put into it. "The costs are kept within reasonable limits and for the ‘hard core’ that attends every year, it’s always a lot of fun, tells schmitt.

Despite all the carnival cheer, the wagon builders also have problems to contend with. "The worst thing this year was the cold. When you’re setting up in a refrigerated hall at minus 18 degrees celsius, it’s no longer funny", says kirchner. But despite the cold weather, everyone continued to paint, and the car was taken to the fire station, where the temperature was more pleasant.

The firefighters participate on sunday, 19. February, at the carnival procession in burkardroth and on monday, 20. February, at the procession in stangenroth. In burkardroth the train starts at 13.30 o’clock, the end is planned around 15 o’clock. Afterwards, the fools are treated to a meal at the fire station, where they end the afternoon with coffee and cake.

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