Thorsten schlereth remains with fc sand

Thorsten schlereth remains with fc sand

FC sand, a club in the bavarian soccer league, has continued to plan its squad for the coming season. The further commitment of thorsten schlereth is in dry cloth, as the sporting director of the FCS, erich barfub, announced. With the fast offensive player, the sandern retain a high performer.

Thorsten schlereth is in the 2019/20 season the seventh year in sand, and although he will then already be 37 years old, he is still a rough stutze of the team. Barfub says: "it is well known that there are no young and old fubballers, only good and bad ones. And here pays the flugelflitzer to the best." His goals are vital to the team’s survival. With his six goals this season, schlereth ranks second in the FCS scoring list. Barfub recalls the words of gebenbach coach faruk maloku after the 2:2 short: "yes, if you don’t pay close attention to thorsten schlereth the whole game, then he just pulls up and makes his goals."

He also plays a good role in the team spirit, explains barfub. "He is there for everyone and for everything when there is something to be done." Originally, the young father of a family wanted to step back a bit, but they are very happy "that thorsten, in agreement with his family, has decided to dedicate his full sporting power to the r-elf".

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