The unvarnished reality

The unvarnished reality

In the context of the cultural theme of the year "revolution the city of herzogenaurach shows from today to friday, 28. April, the exhibition "full of the east. Life in the GDR in the foyer of the town hall. The photo exhibition by harald hauswald with texts by stefan wolle, published by the federal foundation for the reappraisal of the sed dictatorship and the ostkreuz agency, shows life in the GDR in the 1980s before the fall of the berlin wall. She gives a vivid insight into the question: what kind of social environment is necessary to prepare the ground for a revolution?? Beyond that the exhibition reminds of the "other germany" from our point of view, whose existence ended almost 30 years ago in a peaceful revolution.
In the 1980s, harald hauswald roamed through east berlin and photographed everything that came in front of his lens. He photographed what other photographers overlooked or considered uninteresting: small scenes of everyday life, lonely and old people, young couples in love, rockers, hooligans and young people who were committed to peace and environmental protection in the church. The result is a pictorial journey back to the time of the division. The exhibition shows the unvarnished reality of the GDR, which even contemporary witnesses hardly remember today.

Explanations by video

The exhibition presents more than 100 known and unknown photos on 20 panels, according to the city administration. The texts were written by historian and book author stefan wolle, who, like the photographer, grew up in the GDR. The exhibition panels link with QR-codes to short video interviews on the internet, in which the photographer reports on how and in which context the respective central photo of the panel was taken.
The photo exhibition can be seen during the usual opening hours of the town hall. Admission is free.

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