Schmitt to kasai: what are the ski jumping heroes doing today??

Schmitt to kasai: what are the ski jumping heroes doing today??

Ryoyu kobayashi, markus eisenbichler and karl geiger are the stars of the 68th edition of the world championship. Four-hills tournament of ski jumpers. In the past, martin schmitt, sven hannawald and co. Thousands of fans under their spell – and at the jumps.

What happened to the heroes of the past when their careers ended?? An overview.

MARTIN SCHMITT: the 2002 overall world cup winner and olympic team champion now works as a talent scout for the german ski association (DSV) and analyzes the world cup scene as an expert for TV station eurosport. With his enormous expertise and structured manner, he looks like the future national coach. But schmitt has no such ambitions at the moment. The 41-year-old is content as a talent scout: "at the moment, i’m very happy with this job, and i’m enjoying it very much," he said.

ADAM MALYSZ: from high-flyer on the hill to manager for the hill. The 42-year-old works as sports director at the polish ski federation and has accompanied kamil stoch’s triumphs at the tour and olympics, among other things. In january 2018, when stoch won his second tour quadruple victory after sven hannawald, malysz marched into the press center with a huge bottle of champagne.

SVEN HANNAWALD: the 45-year-old is the last german four hills tour winner to date. He is still involved in ski jumping – as a co-commentator and expert in front of the camera on eurosport. A coaching job is out of the question for him. "I saw the danger that i was going to end up back where i didn’t want to be in terms of health. One burnout is enough for me," he had told "sport bild. The pressure to perform during his active career had taken an enormous toll on hannawald’s mental health.

ANDREAS GOLDBERGER: the "goldi" from upper austria was already an entertainer when he was active, and nothing has changed in that regard. At the age of 47, he is still analyzing on ORF or jumping off the ski jump with a helmet camera in order to bring the fascination of ski jumping closer to the viewers. In the ARD program "klein gegen grob" ("small against big") goldberger jungst competed against an 11 year old girl, the task was: who can do more rope jumps on a balance board within one minute?

DIETER THOMA: even at the age of 50 and long after his active career, thoma still calls ski jumping his "second family" and sees himself as a service provider in his role as an ARD expert. "Everyone who stays in ski jumping is a help to the sport," said the 1990 tour winner in an interview with the "funke mediengruppe" – also with reference to schmitt and hannawald.

NORIAKI KASAI: oh, he hasn’t even stopped yet. The japanese, who is popular with fans and jumpers, was one of thomas’ competitors in many competitions more than two decades ago and just can’t get enough of it. Even at the age of 47 he still competes in the world cup. However, for the first time in 25 years, kasai will not be competing in the four hills tournament this winter. He was not nominated for performance reasons.

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