How to ensure climate protection?

How to ensure climate protection?

The rules of our series "everyone against everyone" for the federal election on 24. September in the coburg/kronach electoral district is as simple as can be: each candidate is allowed to ask one question of every other candidate. After the answer of the interviewee, the questioner still has the possibility to react to it. Today michael eckstein (grune) wants to know something from alexander arnold (FDP).

Michael eckstein: how do you ensure climate protection by reducing CO 2 emissions without expanding renewable energies??

Alexander arnold: a diverse and healthy environment makes a major contribution to the quality of life in germany. This should also be preserved for future generations, which is an important task of politics. But this task does not end at the borders of the country. What’s the point of pursuing ever more ambitious climate targets while the emerging economies continue to produce more and more carbon emissions and increase their growth at the expense of the environment?? That is why the livelihood of the world’s population must be secured today and in the future through internationally coordinated action. But promises must not be enough. Internationally defined climate protection plans must also be implemented, especially by the main polluters.
At the same time, new technologies such as electromobility and innovative approaches are expected to help save resources and energy, reduce emissions and improve the quality of life – worldwide. We also rely on the sense of responsibility of citizens instead of imposing rules on them about environmental and sustainable behavior. We need a global approach that intelligently promotes climate protection without sacrificing the economic growth that is the basis for our prosperity.

Michael eckstein: germany must significantly reduce its carbon emissions – and other countries must not increase theirs. That is why germany, as a prosperous and efficient industrial nation, has a special responsibility and an exemplary function in the international community. Politics can accelerate the necessary change with targeted impulses and thus further strengthen the sense of responsibility among citizens.

Editor’s note: arguments and theses originate from the respective candidate and have not been editorially researched or edited in any way.

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