Discussion about the future of the deuster gymnasium

Discussion about the future of the deuster gymnasium

There was talk of the last historic chance and that the election campaign has already begun. One thing became clear on thursday evening in the finance committee: the topic of an event hall in kitzingen is stirring up the emotions. And that for many years.

The gymnasium at the st.Hedwig and paul-eber school can no longer be used in its current state. In heavy rain, water runs through the ceiling and drips onto the floor, the shower rooms exude the charm of a long-abandoned detention center. So the question is whether the hall should be completely renovated or whether a new building is the better solution. But the discussion is not limited to the hall at the st.-reduce hedwig school. It’s all about kitzingen. And the question of whether the city needs an event hall.

The etc. Has decided on this. She speaks out in favor of a multipurpose hall on the deustergelande. A renovation of the small hall makes no sense, commented faction chairman karl-heinz schmidt. It is much too small and not suitable for the disabled. A new building on the neighboring hard court is also out of the question for him. "There are huge cellars underneath, he reminded. Even the underground of the deuster-geland with its cellar passages was better. "You don’t necessarily have to go underground there", said the architect and city councillor.

Like karl-heinz schmidt, andreas moser (CSU) is of the opinion that a medium-sized center like kitzingen needs a larger hall. It can’t be right that social events, such as high school graduation balls, are outsourced to the district. "The need is definitely there", said moser.

Other groups have unanswered questions before making a decision. Astrid glos (SPD) wanted to mention, for example, the demolition costs for the old hall, jutta wallrapp (freie wahler-FBW) brought up two other locations. In innopark, the former larson barracks, there is still a hall which – after a necessary reconstruction – could be used. The operator of the innopark has already signaled that he is open for discussion.

The statement by werner may (non-attached) showed how complex the topic is and how different the opinions are. The former sports officer and chairman of TV etwashausen knows the reason why kitzingen’s sports clubs are not so keen to move to the innopark. "It is too far. Parents had to drive their children." This is one of the reasons why a hall close to the city center would have been a good idea. May’s successor as sports director, manfred marstaller (etc.), spoke out in favor of a multipurpose hall for this reason. "It doesn’t have to be a luxury draw", he emphasized.

Before the meeting, the city council had calculated the rough costs for different variants. Accordingly, the renovation of the existing hall came to about 1.86 million euros. The demolition of the existing hall and the new construction of a one-field hall came to about 2.195 million euro. A new double sports hall as a multi-purpose hall on the deustergrund site, plus parking and outdoor sports facilities, would cost around 5.2 million euros – not including the demolition costs for the old hall.

"These are all just rough cost calculations", emphasized mayor siegfried muller, who wanted to use thursday evening to get a picture of the mood among the parliamentary groups. Muller was also the one who warned against a second historic mistake. About 20 years ago, when a multi-purpose lot at the florian geyer hall was already in the drawer, the city council had rejected the request. "In the middle of the election campaign", reminded muller, who saw parallels to the current situation. "Now we may have the last historical chance to get such a solution."

Klaus christof (KIK) made a completely different parallel in the discussion. For him, the election campaign has already begun – about one and a half years before the next election for mayor. "Every time the topic of an event hall comes up just before an election", he complained and immediately provided the explanation for this. "One just wants to shine with something new in the public eye." He earned laughter from all the parliamentary groups with his analysis that etc. And CSU had already forged an alliance.

Christof’s attitude to the subject is clear: "we don’t need a rough hall." The demolition of the existing hall and the new construction of a one-field hall were sufficient. An opinion shared by andrea schmidt (odp) – especially since demographic change has to be taken into account. "Fewer and fewer children."
The opinion of the fractions was not yet finished with that. Franz bohm (prokt) reminded of a letter from the government of lower franconia, according to which a two-sport hall would be necessary in kitzingen.

That’s why – at least according to the rough cost calculation of the building authority – around 3.75 million euros had to be spent in any case. "Then we could add the rest for a multipurpose hall on the deustergrundstuck", he says. A rough solution is necessary in the rough county town. "Otherwise, our children will be taking the special train to the graduation ball in wurzburg or iphofen in the future."

A decision was not made on this thursday evening, not even a preliminary decision. When the entire city council sits down the next time, there should be even more opinions on the subject of the event hall in kitzingen.

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