Bridge construction near untersteinach: the gap is closed

Bridge construction near untersteinach: the gap is closed

Now the gap has been closed, the 560-meter-long structure spans the entire schorgasttal valley.

Cyclists could see the progress for some time: the distance between the bridge parts shrank and shrank. The experts worked on each other from two sides – from the rough cut in the east and from the railroad gallery in the west. Until now a continuous structure has been created.

For fritz baumgartel, head of the trench construction department at the bayreuth building authority, the merger is a "milestone, which the building authority wanted to celebrate with planners and the companies involved in a small get-together.

During the meeting, the experts began to talk shop and to swarm in view of the dimensions and challenges that the project posed to man and material: from the literally drifting welding work in narrow shafts to the architecture with pylons and bored piles up to 54 meters deep.

In addition to the cost of 60 million euros, there are other impressive figures: 44000 head bolt dowels are welded onto the steel plates. They will later ensure the bonding of the concrete carriageway slab to the steel structure. A total of 69 steel construction segments, each weighing about 50 tons, form the bridge. In total, these elements weigh 3340 tons.

The pylons, one of the outstanding design features of the bridge variant that won an architectural competition, are clearly visible from afar.

Ten ropes (five on each side) are tensioned on each of the six pylons. And they’ve got their work cut out for them, too: the eleven-centimeter-thick steel strands are manufactured by a specialist company in romanshorn, switzerland. Half a meter of the rope weighs 35 kilos. They will be installed in the next few weeks.

Traffic opening at the end of 2020

With all work well on schedule, baumgartel said that if construction progresses without disruption, traffic will probably be able to open as planned by the end of 2020.

There was nothing but praise from the contractors: marco eckert, managing director of zublin stahlbau gmbh from hosena, praised the good cooperation with the building authority, as did markus mockel, head of the construction supervision department of the kronach engineering firm srp.

And alfred viebmann, a local councillor from untersteinach who happened to be passing by during the site inspection, also had nothing but good things to say: the bridge construction was a real masterpiece.

Residents had to put up with alarm "but the people of untersteinach are behind the construction", according to viebmann. And once the bridge is finished, it will be a highlight for all of bavaria from an architectural and technical point of view.

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