600 Carol singers came to the sending out ceremony

600 carol singers came to the sending out ceremony

Such a trouble-free operation is simply fun to watch. This can be seen in the broadly laughing policeman rainer lohlein. The scheblitzer seems to take great pleasure in stopping the cars on the kaulberg in bamberg for the crowd of children. About 600 beautifully dressed boys and girls stream out of the parish church of our lady: carol singers in imaginative royal robes, with oriental headdresses or crowns. In the middle of the crowd archbishop ludwig schick and diozesan youth pastor detlef potzl. For both of them it is a matter of honor to accompany the carol singers on their pilgrimage through the old town to the cathedral.

"You are important because you have important messages to bring!" The archbishop had previously shouted to the carolers in the upper parish. He spoke of a threefold message: "that jesus, the newborn, wants to bless all people; that children in all continents are important, and that people should give something." Schick and the little conies were fascinated by the video film from tanzania, the country where the 2013 three kings' singing campaign was held under the motto "bring blessings, be a blessing". For health in tanzania and around the world.

The film shows how five young people from the archdiocese of bamberg do voluntary work in orphanages or institutions for the handicapped in the diocese of rulenge as part of the "weltwarts" program provide. Wolfgang schmidt, head pastor of the ebrachgrund parish association, looked on particularly attentively. Tanzania is very close to him because he is a friend of rulenge's bishop severine niwemugizi. The bishop often takes vacations in the parish network, schmidt added. The pastor led three groups of carolers from his parishes to the sending out ceremony: children from frensdorf, herrnsdorf and pettstadt. Among them was senior altar girl patricia, who as king kaspar is also a star bearer.

"The people are always nice"
"Caroling is fun, the people at the door are always nice", the 15-year-old reported on her experiences with the action. Eleven-year-old antonia nodded in agreement: "I don't mind bad weather", laughed the girl who represents the black king melchior.

African sun was provided by the singer and drummer alexis madokpon on the pilgrimage through bamberg. Precise and skillful beats on the djembe gave the carolers their marching beat. In the cathedral, the deanery youth band from auerbach took over the rhythm with lively songs.

In the altar room, young people held up an oversized plaster in the air. It made clear that there are many wounds in the world: wounds of poverty, of hunger, of war, of disease. In tanzania, for example, it is not self-evident that children can go to the doctor or dentist, reported michaela berger from the kindermissionswerk. In this country, there are only 100 pediatricians, and too few hospitals and health stations. Around 1.6 million children are infected with the HI virus or have had aids, every tenth child dies before the age of five.

20 die every day.000 children
archbishop schick grabbed a microphone and stood between the church pew and the carolers. As "eagle minister the german bishops' conference, he had seen institutions all over the world, such as schools and children's homes, that are supported with money collected by the singsters. Schick cited impressive facts and figures "that you need to know and tell people in order to know how children are doing elsewhere. About seven billion people live in the world, of whom about two billion are children under the age of 16. 75 million of them were not allowed to attend school, six million children had to work every day; one million were in prison because they had to steal to feed themselves and their families. "Every day 20.000 children under five years of age suffering from malnutrition", so fancy. "It must excite us and inspire us to do something different, the archbishop called. The commitment of the carol singers ensures "that the children are a little better off. Your help is not useless!"

The archbishop said a prayer and blessed incense and chalk, which the carol singers will use to write their blessing on the doors over the next few days: 20 * C + M + B + 13. Schick scrambled up the letters. They stand for the latin words "christus mansionem benedicat" (christ bless this house). The year stands for the new year.

About 6000 carol singers will be on pilgrimage around the 6. January on the road in the archdiocese of bamberg. Last year, they raised around 1.4 million euros. The money is used to support projects worldwide in the areas of education, health, nutrition, pastoral care, social integration and emergency aid.

The campaign is carried out by the children's missionary organization "die sternsinger" and the BDKJ (federation of german catholic youth). But also protestant children take part. Even young muslims are involved in some places.

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