Out of the darkness

Out of the darkness

The past night students of interior design of the faculty of design have beaten each other about the ears to the rough part. The young people in the fifth and seventh semesters around lighting designer and university lecturer michael muller installed around 70 spotlights and luminaires at the coburg train station.

Project "future station

For one week, from today, friday, to sunday, 15.December, the facade of the station building will shine in this very special way. As reported, the coburg station is one of 16 nodal stations in germany to be included in the "future station" program of the DB AG were taken up. In the coming months, the mobility group will be investing a lot of money to upgrade the station building. Damaged tiles, crumbling paintwork and outdated seating will be renewed and replaced. The ticket vending machines move out of the center of the oval entrance hall to the track underpass and the station hall gets a chic ambience with stylish seating furniture, the underpass to the platforms gets a friendly coat of paint and LED walls.

A part of the "future station is the illumination of the facade. Although there are already some ground spotlights, these lights do not really come into their own. With the spotlights now temporarily installed, the walls between the windows of the building are illuminated from below.

Trees will also be illuminated

"At the top edge we bring structural details out of the dark" with additional lights, explains lecturer michael muller. There will be no colorful lighting, he noted. Cold female light, warm female light and neutral female light are used. Muller and the students also bathed a few trees in front of the train station in ambient lighting. "Further we emphasize with light the sight axes and drove so optically to the railroad station", explains muller.

The illumination may be readjusted during the trial phase. As a rule, the trial lighting is followed by a permanent installation. According to michael muller, the effect of the facade lighting is somewhat diminished by the street lanterns. They throw a lot of light on the station.

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