Kitzingen: soldier memorial receives enormous upgrade

Kitzingen: soldier memorial receives enormous upgrade

The memorial for the fallen soldiers of the two world wars in sickershausen has been renovated and was inaugurated on wednesday morning by lord mayor stefan guntner, several city council members and employees of the municipal gardening department. According to the mayor, the site, which is extensive for the district, has now been given a high quality of stay.

The former local spokeswoman of sickershausen, anna schlotter, had applied for the renovation and had thus fallen on open ears with the then oberburg mayor siegfried muller. The acting mayor could now inspect the renovation and said as sickershauser: "I knew the previous state and see an enormous auertung, which is very successful."

There are almost 80 stones in the center of the grounds bearing the names of the sickershausers who died in the two world wars. They are arranged in the middle of the green island, bearing only the name of the deceased without any other data. From which time the names originate is however by the different weathering condition of the stones easily to recognize.

Names are again easily readable

City gardener manuel schomig explained the work, which cost around 25,000 euros and was carried out by his people with the help of the building yard: first the fence was removed and the forecourt repaved. Then all the stones were picked up, dismantled, stored in the building yard. There subsequently subjected to an intensive cleaning and since an employee of the city nursery is also a stonemason, made professionally markable, the names are now all easily legible again.

After the ground of the plant was exchanged, the ways around the center with the stones were again put on and covered with gravel. Two trees had to be felled for reasons of stability, but they were replaced by new plantings. Now the two benches with the freshly laid lawn offer a high quality of stay in the much friendlier facility, as the mayor said. The renovation was subsidized by the sparkassenstiftung to the tune of around 1800 euros.

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