Discussion about the future of the deuster gymnasium

There was talk of the last historic chance and that the election campaign has already begun. One thing became clear on thursday evening in the finance committee: the topic of an event hall in kitzingen is stirring up the emotions. And that for many years.

The gymnasium at the st.Hedwig and paul-eber school can no longer be used in its current state. In heavy rain, water runs through the ceiling and drips onto the floor, the shower rooms exude the charm of a long-abandoned detention center. So the question is whether the hall should be completely renovated or whether a new building is the better solution. But the discussion is not limited to the hall at the st.-reduce hedwig school. It’s all about kitzingen. And the question of whether the city needs an event hall.

The etc. Has decided on this. She speaks out in favor of a multipurpose hall on the deustergelande. A renovation of the small hall makes no sense, commented faction chairman karl-heinz schmidt. It is much too small and not suitable for the disabled. A new building on the neighboring hard court is also out of the question for him. "There are huge cellars underneath, he reminded. Even the underground of the deuster-geland with its cellar passages was better. "You don’t necessarily have to go underground there", said the architect and city councillor.

600 carol singers came to the sending out ceremony

Such a trouble-free operation is simply fun to watch. This can be seen in the broadly laughing policeman rainer lohlein. The scheblitzer seems to take great pleasure in stopping the cars on the kaulberg in bamberg for the crowd of children. About 600 beautifully dressed boys and girls stream out of the parish church of our lady: carol singers in imaginative royal robes, with oriental headdresses or crowns. In the middle of the crowd archbishop ludwig schick and diozesan youth pastor detlef potzl. For both of them it is a matter of honor to accompany the carol singers on their pilgrimage through the old town to the cathedral.

"You are important because you have important messages to bring!" The archbishop had previously shouted to the carolers in the upper parish. He spoke of a threefold message: "that jesus, the newborn, wants to bless all people; that children in all continents are important, and that people should give something." Schick and the little conies were fascinated by the video film from tanzania, the country where the 2013 three kings' singing campaign was held under the motto "bring blessings, be a blessing". For health in tanzania and around the world.

The film shows how five young people from the archdiocese of bamberg do voluntary work in orphanages or institutions for the handicapped in the diocese of rulenge as part of the "weltwarts" program provide. Wolfgang schmidt, head pastor of the ebrachgrund parish association, looked on particularly attentively. Tanzania is very close to him because he is a friend of rulenge's bishop severine niwemugizi. The bishop often takes vacations in the parish network, schmidt added. The pastor led three groups of carolers from his parishes to the sending out ceremony: children from frensdorf, herrnsdorf and pettstadt. Among them was senior altar girl patricia, who as king kaspar is also a star bearer.

Train crashes into cairo main station: at least 20 dead

At least 20 people were killed in a serious train accident at cairo’s main train station, according to agyptian authorities. Another 45 people were injured, health minister hala said on wednesday.

According to the prosecutor’s office, a locomotive had hit a concrete block at the end of the tracks at high speed.

Footage from a surveillance camera is said to show the disaster at the ramses train station in downtown cairo. The video, which was circulated on the internet, showed how a locomotive crashed into 9.30 o’clock local time crashes into a bumper at the end of the tracks. Some people on the adjacent railroad track still jumped to the side. Then an explosion filled the screen.

Purring cats, waddling ducks, fluttering birds, a nasty wolf and the brave little peter. Who doesn’t know the adventures of the little boy who doesn’t listen to his grandfather but understands the language of animals?. The musical march "peter and the wolf shows how different instruments can be used to tell an exciting story. That this can also be achieved with a single instrument was demonstrated on monday by the dean’s cantor on the organ of the christuskirche, while susanne popp lent her voice to this popular composition.

In the original, each protagonist – peter, his grandfather and a handful of animals – is assigned an instrument in the orchestra. Although the organ is the only instrument capable of imitating an entire orchestra. An orchestral work on the "queen of instruments" alone nevertheless, it is undoubtedly a rough challenge to perform. Thanks to the richness of sound of the romantic steinmeyer organ and skilful registration, deanery cantor marius popp nevertheless managed, seemingly effortlessly, to bring all those involved to life and at the same time portray their different characters. A real experience for its young and young-at-heart audience, which on monday attentively and with rough eyes followed the as exciting as instructive musical explanation.

"Peter and the wolf wears the typical costumes of a march. The story centers around little peter, who lives with his grandfather on the edge of a forest. He understands the language of the cat, the bird and the duck. The animals are his friends. The grandfather warns peter to always keep the garden door closed in case the wolf comes out of the woods. One day the wolf actually comes and satisfies his hunger by eating the duck. The brave peter does not let himself be intimidated and catches the wolf with cunning and the help of the bird. Together with the hunters, the father, the cat and the bird, peter brings the wolf to the zoo.

For mayor frank wilzok, one thing is certain: "an honor is the small salary of a volunteer." Helmut eichner is one of the people who really deserves this little treat. For half a century, he has been one of the main pillars of the singing society 1854 kulmbach weiher-mangersreuth.
The reward for the effort: at the honorary evening in the kommunbrau on saturday, chairman dieter fritsch, supported by the head of the bayreuth choir, heiner beyer, pins the golden badge of honor of the association on his reverse. A high honor also befalls eichner's conductor: walter schleicher, who has been loyal to the association for 40 years, is named honorary choir director. Also he receives the golden pin of honor of the association.
With eichner, who sings in the first bass, memories are awakened of times in which the jubilarian had steered the fate of the association: "the 70s, 80s and 90s were the bleeding time of the association, in which we gave much-acclaimed concerts in bayreuth, bad steben and nurnberg. Unforgettable are also the concerts with musical greats like wagner-sanger karl ridderbusch or the bass of the semper oper dresden, gunter emmerlich."
In 1962, at the time of the economic miracle, eichner had joined the weiherer singers. For the 77-year-old sanger, who lives in mangersreuth, it was not only the close proximity that brought him to the singing club, but above all the good reputation that has always preceded the singing community. "'Where are you going? To the weiherern!It had been said at the time.". And not without reason: in addition to a few folk songs, the association has always cultivated sophisticated, especially church songs.

Musical challenges
The musical accompaniment to the honorary evening reflects this principle. The challenging composition "land recognition from the pen of edvard grieg with its many tempo and rhythm changes becomes a masterly artistic performance.
Eichner also sings in fervor. How to master such creative hurdles? "In which one is highly concentrated on the matter at hand. In the early stages, it is still a rough challenge, but with time, the progress grows, the song becomes a routine."
For eichner, choral singing is a piece of music that liberates the soul, but also makes you happy. Not only him, but also other. When at the end of a concert, the audience applauds, he feels it as a satisfaction. He also considered his time as chairman of the association from 1974 to 1994 to be one such episode. "If no one gets involved for the good of the general public, then our society becomes impoverished.", says the sanger, who still speaks up with constructive suggestions today.
He thinks back wistfully to the days in the 1970s when the choir of around 50 people was twice as large as it is today: "that was a splendor of choral singing." This was not only due to the large number of singers, but also to their then and now choir director, walter schleicher.
Four decades ago he came to the small town of kulmbach from the big city of nurnberg – as a teacher at the secondary school. "They were different times. Sometimes there was more to do, sometimes less. But one thing has remained the same over all these years: the people of weiher have always gone along with my creative work with them", says schleicher, who gives his singers special praise: "a piece had never been rehearsed as well as it was performed afterwards."

Choir director still remains
Schleicher is also known to many kulmbach residents as the director of the music school. From 1979 until his retirement in 2011, he worked meritoriously at the institution. For the club, this had a positive side effect. "My effort in all concerts has always been to involve music school students. Tonight we are accompanied by a former student of mine, maria-kristin voit on electric piano."
Neither eichner, nor schleicher think of quitting. "As long as I still have joy in singing, I stay with it", explains the former. Even the choir director does not want to resign yet. And in his speech of thanks, he not only praises the association, but also his wife heike.

DIY chain praktiker facing insolvency

The praktiker DIY chain is on the verge of going out of business. Negotiations on further financing for the restructuring failed, praktiker announced in hamburg on wednesday evening. Individual creditor groups did not agree to the plan. As a result, praktiker AG is overindebted and insolvent. Praktiker is one of germany's largest DIY chains.

In the short term, an application for insolvency proceedings is now to be filed with the competent local court for praktiker AG and several operating companies. This is the result of a letter from the praktiker board of management to the employees, which was made available to dpa on wednesday evening.

The more profitable subsidiary max bahr and the international business are not affected by the insolvency, as stated in the letter. Group-wide, praktiker has sold around 18.000 employees, almost 7000 of them abroad. According to the company, the group operates almost 430 DIY and home improvement stores in nine countries, of which more than 300 are in germany.

45 New parking spaces for sulzfeld and its guests

"This parking lot is another piece in the mosaic of our old town redevelopment", schenkel was pleased. Parking islands around the village have been used to calm traffic in the village and to improve the design of the surrounding area. With the new parking lot, there are now 45 more parking spaces. "When the program is completed, there should be around 200 for residents and tourists", said schenkel and spoke of an investment in the million range. The parking lot on segnitzer strabe was built for 272,000 euros and demanded an average of 45 percent.
Schenkel stressed that the redevelopment of the old town was not decided overnight, but was rather a lengthy planning process – dating back to the 80s. With the redevelopment, the municipal council is also pursuing the goal of challenging and preserving the old town as a center. The "young people in old walls" program has met with approval, but parking is the neuralgic point in the village.
Wine princess aline staudt thinks the new parking lot is a success. It offers a good opportunity to park vehicles outside the narrow streets of the old town. Tourists in particular could benefit from the easing of the parking situation, for example at the annual events in the town. Aline staudt particularly appreciated the fact that a small children’s playground with a swing and a place for their companions to rest has been created right next to the parking lot.

How to ensure climate protection?

The rules of our series "everyone against everyone" for the federal election on 24. September in the coburg/kronach electoral district is as simple as can be: each candidate is allowed to ask one question of every other candidate. After the answer of the interviewee, the questioner still has the possibility to react to it. Today michael eckstein (grune) wants to know something from alexander arnold (FDP).

Michael eckstein: how do you ensure climate protection by reducing CO 2 emissions without expanding renewable energies??

Alexander arnold: a diverse and healthy environment makes a major contribution to the quality of life in germany. This should also be preserved for future generations, which is an important task of politics. But this task does not end at the borders of the country. What’s the point of pursuing ever more ambitious climate targets while the emerging economies continue to produce more and more carbon emissions and increase their growth at the expense of the environment?? That is why the livelihood of the world’s population must be secured today and in the future through internationally coordinated action. But promises must not be enough. Internationally defined climate protection plans must also be implemented, especially by the main polluters.
At the same time, new technologies such as electromobility and innovative approaches are expected to help save resources and energy, reduce emissions and improve the quality of life – worldwide. We also rely on the sense of responsibility of citizens instead of imposing rules on them about environmental and sustainable behavior. We need a global approach that intelligently promotes climate protection without sacrificing the economic growth that is the basis for our prosperity.

Thorsten schlereth remains with fc sand

FC sand, a club in the bavarian soccer league, has continued to plan its squad for the coming season. The further commitment of thorsten schlereth is in dry cloth, as the sporting director of the FCS, erich barfub, announced. With the fast offensive player, the sandern retain a high performer.

Thorsten schlereth is in the 2019/20 season the seventh year in sand, and although he will then already be 37 years old, he is still a rough stutze of the team. Barfub says: "it is well known that there are no young and old fubballers, only good and bad ones. And here pays the flugelflitzer to the best." His goals are vital to the team’s survival. With his six goals this season, schlereth ranks second in the FCS scoring list. Barfub recalls the words of gebenbach coach faruk maloku after the 2:2 short: "yes, if you don’t pay close attention to thorsten schlereth the whole game, then he just pulls up and makes his goals."

He also plays a good role in the team spirit, explains barfub. "He is there for everyone and for everything when there is something to be done." Originally, the young father of a family wanted to step back a bit, but they are very happy "that thorsten, in agreement with his family, has decided to dedicate his full sporting power to the r-elf".

Sc memmelsdorf makes a few too many mistakes

In the sporty highly respectable season opener, the volleyball players of SC memmelsdorf concede a 0:3 defeat against SV schwaig II in their regional league debut.

The established schwaiger second team started with a mixture of talents and former bundesliga players. In the seehofhalle the 180 spectators saw an exciting game.

After a nervous start, the memmelsdorf team kept up for a long time, but lost the first set 25:27. Also in the second round it was close, the host kept the level high, again only two points were missing at the end – the SCM had to see out with 23:25.